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Scriptive was founded in 2022 to make it easier for software engineers to publish technical books on the internet. Scriptive's founder, David Colby, wrote his first engineering book the same way he wrote all of his blog posts — in markdown, ready for publishing on the web. When it came time to publish his book, he realized that the traditional method of self-publishing an engineering book left a lot to be desired. Inconsistent syntax highlighting, difficult copy/pasting, and no embedded gifs to keep readers on track with visuals.

He knew there was a better way, so he set out to build one. User management, authentication, license keys, and a beautiful reading experience. Instead of polishing his book, he was building tools — and so Scriptive was born so that engineer-writers can focus on creating great content and sharing that content with their readers.

Scriptive comes out of the box with all of the features that writers need to publish their book as a modern, consumable web application. Write in markdown, add in images, gifs, and fenced code blocks and we turn it into beautiful, readable text for your readers. Require readers to sign up with a Gumroad license key to make sure that you get paid for your work. After publishing, instantly update content on-the-fly. Major updates to books can be published as unique versions, with seamless transitioning of readers between versions.

After publishing, get insights on how your book is performing with reading time breakdowns by chapter and total chapter and book views over time. Hear from your readers directly with integrated note taking that readers can email to you with a click.

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